On a Downhill slide...

Sunday 15 July 2012

Morning morning

On to part two of my crazy busy weekend today - another very busy day ahead with very little time for crafting, boo hiss, although I'm planning to fit a little bit in this morning hopefully!

This week's challenge over on UK Scrappers was a troublesome one for me. There were 4 elements to it:

1. to use an odd number of photos on the layout
2. to scrap a non summer related subject
3. to use paint on the layout
4. To leave some white space

So - odd number of photos, easy. 1 is an odd number so no problem.
Non-summer related theme - not so easy. I'm really into scrapping really recent photos at the moment, i.e. take the photo then scrap it the next day so finding something non-summer related involved digging through some older photos.
Paint - aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!  I hate paint although I'm recently getting into mists more but I wasn't sure if that qualified as paint so I had a look at what paint I do have. Apart from the magnolia emulsion in the garage the only crafty paint I had was pink.
White space - not usually a problem but my background was blue - is there such a thing as blue white space?

So here's what I came up with:

I painted the background with my pink paint - I just brushed it onto the layout so that it would show from behind the photo. I tried a criss cross effect although I'm not sure I managed it very well.  I then splattered some pink ink dots over the page.  Then I added all my layers and photos. I've got a whole bunch of new fabulous Thickers too so I used some pink foam ones to tie in with the pink paint...

and I also added some light pink ribbon - again tying in with the pink paint (lucky one girl in the photo has a pink jacket on!) together with some snowflakes and some gems to finish off.

So I've used an odd number of photos, used paint (I'm still no convert I'm afraid), scrapped a non-summer photo and I think I'll also qualify for the white space element as there is a lot of empty space on my layout, even though it's actually blue.

It was a mission but I got there in the end! I do like to be challenged to do things I wouldn't normally do so reluctantly I have to admit this was good for me...


  1. Love the snow paint behind the photos and the pink splatters with gems.
    Sue x

  2. The different shades of blue work really well with this photo as does the pink paint,

  3. Great layout, lots of blue and sparkle! hugs Heidi x