52 Layouts Step-by-Step #6 Twins!

Friday 13 July 2012

Morning lovelies

It's time for another installment of 52 Layouts Step-by-Step - thank you to those who played along last week.

Here is what you need to play along today:

a 6x4 landscape photo
3 sheets of patterned paper
2 sheets of cardstock
Embellishments - I've gone for flower epoxy stickers and a metal plaque type thing
Some trims  - I've got 3 pictured there but in the end I have only used two.

Step 1
Choose a background sheet of cardstock - only a small frame of it will show so you'll need another pattern for the majority of the background . Take the middle out - I've cut 1" in from each edge.

Step 2
Choose a background pattern and trim it to 11 1/2" square. You can then stick this to the frame created in Step 1. Together these will form your background.

 Step 3
Cut your other colour cardstock (I've gone for light pink) to 6x10" and position on to the centre of your layout. Don't stick it yet as we are going to add something under the left side.

Step 4
Cut a strip of another patterned paper - I've gone for black with white polka dots, not that you can really see the dots now that I've cut it.  My strip started off 11x 1 1/2" and I made it all pretty using a deep edger punch. My punch cut out a complete decorative strip whereas some will only do the edge. Either is absolutely fine as you are going to tuck the right edge under the cardstock postioned in the centre of the layout.  You can now stick both down.

Step 5
Cut a strip of patterned paper (mine is light pink and white) to 2 1/2 x 10" and stick to the pink cardstock about 1/2" over from the left edge. You can barely see mine in the photo unfortunately but it is there!

Step 6
Cut a piece of ribbon to 9 1/2", cut a flag shape in one end and stick to the left edge of the pink cardstock.  

Step 7
Mount a 6x4 photo onto patterned paper (mine is a medium grey colour) 6 1/2 x 4 1/2". Mount again onto cardstock 6 3/4 x 4 3/4" and then stick your photo to the layout.

Step 8:
And some embellishments under your photo - I've added a strip of ribbon 6" long, some epoxy flower stickers and a metal plaque type thing (not sure what the correct name is, it's not a charm or a sticker, maybe a metal plate?).

You can see the embellishments here a bit better...

Step 9:
Now add some embellishments in the top right corner. I cut  circle out of pink patterned paper 1 3/4" in diameter and cut the top off so I could stick it flush with the top edge of the layout. Then I added a piece of ribbon 2 1/2" long and some more epoxy stickers.  
and again you can see that all a bit clearer here...

Step 10:
And lastly I added a title using the alphabet stickers that went with this paper collection. In hindsight I should have either had larger alphabet stickers or had a longer title using these ones.  I haven't put any journalling on this layout because I don't know the date of the photo (I know I am a bad scrapbooker...!) and also there wasn't too much to journal about as the photo says it all really! But there is plenty of space to write in journalling on the plain cardstock or you could add a small piece of white or cream card and write on that.

and here is the finished layout! I hope you like it and will join in with 52 Layouts this week, Please link your work below so I can have a nosy!

Here are the supplies you will need to join in next week - be prepared for a circle frenzy!:

2 x pieces of patterned paper. I've also used the reverse side of one so have actually used three patterns altogether 
2 x pieces of plain cardstock. I've used a cream one for my background and a green one
Some leaves - punched ones would be fine
Some buttons - I've gone for an assortment of sized and colours
Large tile-style alphabet stickers
Two photos one 4x5 and one 3x4, both portrait orientation.

Thanks for joining is xx


  1. Lovely LO Niki - will play along later :)

  2. Linked mine. thanks again for these Niki. It really gets me doing some scrapping and using old papers too.

  3. Thanks Niki - I've now added mine. Looking forward to the next one :)

  4. Loved this one so much I have a 2 page planned for it, HERE's the first page.