To be or not to be...

Sunday 8 July 2012

...that is the question
Oh happy dagger
Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo
The lady doth protest too much
Parting is such sweet sorrow
What light through yonder window breaks
To sleep perchance to dream...

are a few of the Shakespeare quotes I considered for this week's UK Scrappers challenge.

The challenge this week was to
1. Put your photo(s) in the middle of the layout
2. Use blue
3. Have a link to Shakespeare somehow on the layout

First two - no problem. Third one - no idea!

Shakespeare quotes and plays aren't exactly a mystery to me as I studied English Literature for A level in which Shakespeare featured fairly heavily but linking to a scrapbook layout? This required thinking quite hard!

After considering all sorts of obscure layouts inspired by the quotes above, I eventually settled on 'I do love nothing in the world so well as you' from the play Much ado about Nothing which was one of my favourites and figured I'd better do a layout about Ben with a title like that! So here it is:

When I showed this layout to Ben he said that I should have used better photos of him - these were some of our wedding photos! I definitely don't have any better photos of him than the ones taken by the professional photographer. Perhaps he'd rather I'd used some of him trying to hide from the camera or pulling a strange face or blinking (he is a serial blinker) hey, no pleasing them!

Trying to find enough alpha stickers for a title this long was a bit of a challenge! I wanted to pick out a couple of key words so I used some largish foam Thickers for this and the others were little Prima ones which I find are fab for some many things!

It goes without saying that I managed to get my photos in the middle and that I used blue (background, 'Dream' epoxy sticker, rosette, ric rac) so that's the rest of the challenge taken care of!

Happy scrapping!