52 Layouts Step-by-Step #7 Hairbands are for Sucking

Friday 20 July 2012

Morning Campers

It's 52 Layouts Time again, the 7th in this series and this week and this week I thought I'd go out of my comfort zone and go circle crazy!

Here are the supplies you'll need to join in and make this layout:

2 x pieces of patterned paper. I've also used the reverse side of one so have actually used three patterns altogether 
2 x pieces of plain cardstock. I've used a cream one for my background and a green one
Some leaves - punched ones will be fine
Some buttons - I've gone for an assortment of sizes and colours
Large tile-style alphabet stickers
Two photos one 4x5 and one 3x4, both portrait orientation.

Step 1
First step - choose a background. Go for a lightish colour to get lots of contrast in your layout, I've used cream:

Step 2:
Cut a large circle from green cardstock about 8 1/4" in diameter and chop off one edge. Don't stick down yet though.

Step 3:
Mark with a pencil where your circle will be placed on your layout and then smudge some green ink onto the background so that some will show once the circle is in place. You can either do this with an ink tool, sponge dauber or if your ink pad has no edges you can apply it directly from the ink pad. Start in a place that is going to be hidden by the circle to get your pressure right and then work outwards.  You can then stick the circle down.

Step 4:
Cut various sized circles from one of the patterned papers...

Step 5
...and more various sized circles from another patterned paper - use the patterns on both sides

Step 6
and now cut a few more smaller circles from the papers and also from green card (or whatever colour you used for your circle) as this helps tie in the background with the whole layout.

Step 7
Now mount your photos onto one of the patterned papers. I've used the lightest pattern I had. The photos are 4x5" and 3x4" and the mounts are 4 1/4x5 1/4" and 3 1/4" x 4 1/4". Stick them to your layout. 

Step 8
Go button crazy and dot them all over your layout. To stick them so they won't fall off I use Glossy Accents. I used to use glue dots but I found that after a while they would fall off and that's no good so Glossy Accents to the rescue!

Step 9
Add some leaves - I've clustered them around my buttons so effectively the buttons represent little flowers.

Step 10
Add a large title on the left side of the layout in all that blank space. There's plenty of room for journalling here too but I've not put any this time.

Here's the finished layout - the lighting in this photo is much better than the step-by-step ones (apologies for that). Like I said - circle crazy! I hope you like it and will join in this week. I've put the linky tool at the bottom so if you make a layout then please link it so I can have a nosy!

Here's what you'll need for next week. We're going to use rubber stamps to make some embellishments. Here is what I used:

One plain sheet for the background
another sheet of coordinating card for mounting (there are a couple pictured but I only used one in the end)
3 patterned papers. There is a fourth pictured but I have only used that to cut out a cupcake emblem that was featured on it.
A large alphabet and a small one
one 6x4 portrait photo
some rubber stamps to make embellishments with...

You have a week to gather your supplies - see you then!


  1. Hi, I don't scrapbook myself, but have been taking a look at yours & they are fab! :)
    Thanks for sharing
    Jo xx

  2. Lovely page, & I have found the PERFECT photo to go with the layout. Thats my scrap job of the day planned :)

  3. Lovely LO - looking forward to giving this one a go :)
    Thanks Niki :)