52 Layouts Step-by-Step #8 This Cupcake Doesn't Taste Right

Friday 27 July 2012

Happy Friday morning to all the scrappers out there!  I have another installment of 52 Layouts Step-by-Step for you today.

You will need:
One plain sheet for the background
another sheet of coordinating card for mounting (there are a couple pictured but I actually only used one)
3 patterned papers. There is a fourth pictured but I have only used that to cut out a cupcake emblem that was featured on it.
A large alphabet and a small one
one 6x4 portrait photo
a small piece of white card
some rubber stamps to make embellishments with...

Step 1
Choose your background (very easy first step!)

Step 2
Cut a strip of patterned paper to 4x12" - don't stick though

Step 3
Cut a strip of another patterned paper to 5 1/2 x 12" - don't stick this either!

Step 4
Cut a strip of card to 3/4 x 12" and cut a scalloped edge using a border punch - NOW you can stick them all - see the next picture below.

Step 5
Cut another patterned paper to 5 1/2 x 6" and stick to the left side of your layout:

Step 6
Mount a 6x4 photo onto coloured card (the same colour as your strip of scallops)  4 1/2 x 7 1/2". You can stick the photo to the mount but don't stick it to the layout yet.

Step 7
Cut your small piece of white card to 3 1/4 x 4" and create a notebook edge (or any other design you fancy) on one side using a border punch. Tuck that under your photo and stick everything down.

Step 8
Stamp and colour some embellishments and then cut them out. If you have some small ones then cut them into 4 circles as pictured below. Stick the two large ones to your layout, to the right of your photo - save the circles for later. Also stamp a tiny cupcake onto the bottom of your notebook journalling card:

(Note: I've also cut out a large cupcake emblem from one of my patterned papers - if you have something similar then use that, otherwise replace this with another stamped image)

Step 9
Add a title to your layout using a mixture of large and small alphabet stickers:

Step 10
Write in your journalling and stick on those four circles to the left of your photo. I also stamped another tiny cupcake at the top of my journalling just because the white space above the writing was just a bit too sparse.  And that's it - layout complete!

Here's the finished layout. I think making your own embellishments using rubber stamps is a great and economical way of dressing up your layouts, for those of us who don't have an unlimited supply of stash!  I hope you enjoyed this layout - if you make one using these instructions please link your work below so I can have a nosy, but please note I'm not around for comments this week as I'm on holiday in France! I will visit when I get back though, I promise.

Here is what you'll need to join in with next week:
3 sheets of patterned paper - one of mine is made up of stripes that I can cut up into individual strips
1 sheet of card
Some border stickers
a medium sized alpha
Washi tape
a few brads and little flowers
one 6x4 portrait photo

You have a week to gather your supplies - see you then!

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  1. Love this page. He is so cute! Is your link for a contest? If so I can't find the guidelines for it. If your just wanting to see what we've been up to here's my blog robins-reflections.blogspot.com. Hope you enjoy. Totally cute page. Hugs, Robin