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Monday 3 September 2012

Morning all. Not 'Good' morning, just 'morning'. I've had a bad morning so far. I have a headache which was the first problem but the main problem is that I went to use my camera earlier and it wouldn't work. Nothing. Dead as a dodo. So I went to charge the battery thinking that it had been left on or something and the battery was all wet. Oh dear. 

I investigated further and took out the memory card. That was wet too. Oh dear. Looking through the viewfinder is dark and fuzzy whereas it is normally clear so I took the lens off which wasn't wet. Phew. Still not good thought, it does seem officially dead to me. 

I've spoken to my local camera man who says water is often fetal to a camera, the only slight positive is that it wasn't saltwater...?! I think Sophie's cup must have leaked in the same bag the camera was in last night when we travelled back from my parent's house. It's the only thing I can think of. It hasn't been rained on or had a drink spilled on it or been dropped in the bath or anything so that must be it. I'm going to send it off for a repair quote and see what that comes back as and it may then well be a claim on the house insurance. Hubby is not going to be pleased.

Anyway because the camera was dead this morning, I had a job getting my photos off it for today's blog post. I had the bright idea to take new photos on my other little camera but then I couldn't find the lead to hook it up to the computer. Then after quite a while of searching I realised I could take the memory card out and put it directly into the computer. No lead required. D'oh. Of course I could have done that with the other memory card in the broken camera too which I did and photos are fine. I am so blonde sometimes. I'm blaming it on the headache.

Right. Only Scraps Allowed: This week's challenge is to 'Get Sticky' and what I mean by that is to give those stickers some love this week!

Here are the scraps I came up with:

Not very many scraps this week. I wanted to use up that hearts patterned paper as my background but it was damaged in one corner so I had to cut it down and mount it onto cream card to make the background. Other than those I only had two other scraps of patterned paper and two 6x4 photos.

Gorgeous mounded foam Thickers by Amy Tangerine, yum yum!

and here is my little cluster of stickers. The scalloped border is a sticker as well as those other three bits and the date sticker in the bottom right corner.

If you'd like to join in this week just simply create a layout using up your paper scraps (one whole sheet allowed for the background) and incorporate stickers onto your layout. Feel free to add any embellishments you like, and link your work below.

I hope your Monday mornings are going better than mine.

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  1. you do make me chuckle, i blame most of my bad days on the inheritence of the "blonde gene" . big hugs.xx