52 Layouts Step-by-Step #17 Only You

Friday 28 September 2012

Hi Everyone

I have another installment of 52 Layouts Step-by-Step for you today and this week I'm putting together a wedding layout - not my wedding but a friends'. It was a fab day and the colour scheme was turquoise so that's why my supplies are turquoise and I threw in some lilac for good measure.

Here's what you need this week:
2 x patterned papers
2 x card
2 x 6x4 landscape photos
Alphabet stickers
and a few embellishments - I have butterflies and flowers.

Step 1
Choose a background and ink the edges.

Step 2
Cut a strip of patterned paper to 2.5"x10.25" and punch a border along the bottom edge and ink all the edges. Stick this to the bottom of the layout.

Step 3
Cut card to 4x5", ink the  edges and stick to the layout.

Step 4
Mount two 6x4 photos onto card 6.25x8.25". Ink the edges and stick to layout.

Step 5
Cut a strip of patterned paper to 0.75"x2.5" ink the edges and stick to the right edge of the top photo.

Step 6
Add flowers at three points on the layout.

Step 7
Add butterflies to two of those points.

Step 8
I had a few punched hearts left over from when I punched the border strip so figured I would use those. You could use something similar like pearls or gems - scatter these around the three clusters.
Step 9
Add a title.

Step 10
Write in your journaling.

And then hey presto your layout is finished!

To join in next week you will need:
3 x patterned papers
3 x coloured card
Large & small alphabet stickers
A frame and some other embellishments - I have some little tiles.
and some photos!

Thanks for joining in and link your layouts below!