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Sunday 9 September 2012

This week's UK Scrappers challenge has caused me some issues. The theme is autumn. Beautiful photos of autumn scenes don't really inspire me in terms of scrapbooking - I like to have slightly more of a purpose to my scrapbook albums rather than have just random shots of scenery. What I mean is, if I was on a day out somewhere and we came across some beautiful scenes then I would take photos and then scrap those photos along with other photos from the day out. They have a purpose whereas I wouldn't like to scrap a stand alone scene as it wouldn't have a home within my albums.

I don't have many autumn photos anyway and as it isn't really autumn here just yet I certainly don't have any from this year. Last year's photos had some lovely autumn ones in but I've scrapped all the photos from that particular day already, plus I didn't have any more printed and I don't have any ink in my printer at the moment (hurry up and arrive ink cartridges!)

I thought about missing out this week's challenge but I hated the idea of doing that as I haven't missed a week since I joined the Craftaholics team so I thought I'd make one last attempt this morning to find an autumn photo and see if I could join in the challenge.  I was delighted to come across photos of Sophie's Winnie the Pooh beanies hanging out on the washing line. These photos were taken in Autumn on one of those beautiful autumn days so I figured that they qualified!

There were three parts to the autumn challenge:
1. to use an autumn photo
2. to use traditional autumn colours: orange, yellow and green
3. to use leaves on the layout.

Here is what I came up with:

Considering I woke up with no inspiration today at all I am really pleased with the way this layout came out. I've been wanting to scrap these photos for a while but others always seemed to take priority. I'm glad I've finally scrapped them.

Those little green things are cool..they're called Twinkle Goosebumps by Queen & Co. I think I got them as part of a kit but I love them. They are sparkly but also bumpy, not like normal sticky gems which are smooth and shiny. I think they are fab and now I'm going to have to source them in all colours.

Lesson of the day: keep looking for that lost inspiration as it is definitely there somewhere, even if it is buried at the bottom of a huge pile of photos!


  1. Perseverance certainly paid off for this LO - well done getting your Autumn inspiration for a sweet LO of all those soft toys.

  2. Do you think this hurt their ears? Another lovely design! Hugs, Lesley