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Thursday 20 September 2012

This month's challenge for the Design Team over at Fantastic Ribbons was to create a project using Washi Tape.  Now I am a HUGE fan of all things washi so this was right up my street. I decided to have a go at a little mini scrapbook album but specifically I wanted to bind it using washi tape.

I cut one sheet of 12x12 patterned paper into 6 pieces all 6x4". I then arranged them in the order I wanted them (i.e. so that double pages featured the same pattern), made sure they were all level, then put a piece of tape over the edge I wanted to bind. I then went through all the pages and stuck a length of tape (6" long) over each join so that every page was held in place with wondrous washi. It worked really well! No pages are going to fall out of this little book! And the best thing? When some of my washi went a bit wonky, I could just peel it off and re position it without damaging the paper at all. Can this stuff GET any better?!

I used two different washis on my album: a green spotty one from the Candyfloss bundle and a red striped one from the Cranberry & Gold bundle. The only other supplies I used (apart from the 12x12 sheet used to make the pages) was another sheet of 12x12 patterned paper, green card and some alphabet stickers

There wasn't a lot of room left on my pages for embellishment if I had a full sized photo so I made sure I left one page blank so I could add in my journaling. The red stripe down the middle of the two pages is my washi binding and I also make a border out of washi tape to go around my journaling box.

On this page I wanted to create somewhere for my title to go as I didn't want to take up space on that photo (which yes I have cut in half by the way to fit across the two pages!) but the green washi didn't show up very well against the bold red background so I cut a piece of green card to the same width as the washi and, hey presto, it shows up brilliantly.  For those who haven't used washi before it is generally quite transparent and my spotty green one is particularly so because it's only the spots that are green, the background is transparent so this was a great way to make sure it showed up against my background.

The album came together quickly and easily and is perfect for an event or occasion that you have just a few photos for. If you were to add more pages than the 6 cut from patterned paper, I would add a few extra layers of washi to allow for the extra thickness of the album. Super duper quick and easy to make - have a go!

This fantabulous wondrous washi tape can be purchased from the Fantastic Ribbons shop and they do 5 rolls for £10 which I think is a bargain!

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  1. This is so cool! I haven't made a scrapbook before, but this looks like its quite do-able, I just give it a go!Thanks for the inspiration!