52 Layouts Step-by-Step #4 Hard at Play

Friday 29 June 2012

Morning all
Are you enjoying this amazing weather? I generally don't do well in the heat but I must say I'm enjoying this sunny spell, let's hope it lasts.

I've got another installment of 52 Layouts Step-by-Step for you today. We're making a single layout this week and here are the supplies you need:

2 x plain card - one will be the background. I've used white and blue.
2 x patterned papers - I've gone for a heavy/bold pattern and a much more subtle pattern (the pink). You will also need another pattern, also quite subtle. I've used the reverse of one of those sheets but you could use an entirely different sheet if you want to...
One large and one small set of alphabet stickers. My large ones are white glittery Thickers and the small ones are pink October Afternoon.
Some border stickers
some embellishments - Ive used just two circles with buttons in the centres.
Two photos - one 6x4 and one 4x4.
Step 1:
Choose  your background. I've gone completely plain white.

Step 2:
Cut your bold pattern to 8x11 3/4" and stick to the left side of your layout.

Step 3:
Cut your more subtle pattern to 9 x 9 1/2" and stick down, about an inch in from the left side.

Step 4:
Cut another patterned paper to 8x4" and stick down. I've used the pattern on the reverse of my bold pattern but you can use a different sheet of paper altogether if the patterns on the reverse don't work for you.

Step 5:
Mount your two photos onto blue card. My photos are 6x4" and 4x4" so I have mounted them onto blue card 6 1/4 x 4 1/4" and 4 1/4 x 4 1/4". Once they are mounted stick them to your layout.

Step 6:
Add on some border strips. I've used three different ones: the long red one at the top (9 1/2"), the diamond shaped one under my large photo (6") and a short floral one above the small picture (4 1/4). I've used border stickers but you could create your own with strips of paper/card and edger punches if you don't have stickers.

Step 7:
Add your title using your large alphabet stickers...

Step 8:
 ...and a subtitle using your small alphabet stickers

Step 9:
Then add in some embellishments. I've gone for fabric circles with buttons sewn into the middles but any sort of circles, flowers etc would work too.

Step 10:
Finally handwrite in some journalling and doodle round it if you like.

Here's the finished layout - I hope you like it! If you play along please link your layouts at the bottom of this post so I can see what you've been up to!

What will you need to play along next week?

3 patterned papers
1 card
a scrap of plain white or vanilla
Alphabet stickers
String or twine
Buttons - large and small
A few flowers
A small envelope and a small tag
a 6x4 colour portrait photo

Thanks for joining in and see you next week!


  1. ooo I'd best find some photos

  2. Love this LO - I'm going to have to go back & see what I've missed!

  3. I love seeing how the layout built up.It's great!