52 Layouts Step-by-Step #2

Friday 15 June 2012

Happy Friday to everyone. Thank you so much to those who joined in with last week's 52 Layouts Step-by-Step, I'm so pleased you could join in and I absolutely loved looking at your work.

So I have a double layout for you this week: you should have seen what materials were needed in last week's post but just in case, here they are again:

3 x sheets of 12x12 card, 2 the same colour to serve as your background
3 x sheets of patterned paper. I've gone for one floral patterned, one quite plain but with a light pattern and one chevron pattern. They also all have reverse sides that coordinate and may well be used in the layout
1 x large alphabet and 1 x small alphabet
A few embellishments: I've gone for a butterfly, some epoxy circle stickers plus a flower not pictured and some ribbon (ignore the small brown rectangle with the swirly pattern, I didn't use it in the end!)
Five 6x4 portrait colour photos, capable of being cut down to 5x3 1/2" .

Step 1:
Lay down your backing sheets so they are side by side and exactly level (this is important in order to make sure your page flows correctly) and also cut your photos down to 5 x 3 1/2" and decide on which order from left to right they will appear on your layout.

Step 2:
Cut your patterned paper to 6x12" and 6 x 8" and place across the middle of the background sheets - the 6x12" piece on the right hand sheet (don't stick anything yet)

Step 3:
Cut two strips of another patterned paper to 2x12" and 2x8" and place them at the top of the patterned paper (still don't stick!)

Step 4:
Cut two strips of another patterned paper to  2x12" and 2x8" and place them at the bottom of the patterned paper

Step 5:
Place your photos on your layout. Pick out two and mount them on a contrasting coloured cardstock 5 1/4 x 3 3/4"

Step 6:
Cut two decorative strips using a border punch - one 12" long and one 8" long and place along the top of the patterned paper.

Step 7:
Cut two circles in different colours - one approximately 3 1/2" in diameter and one approximately 2 1/2" in diameter. Mount them onto slightly larger scalloped circles. Place them i the top left corner of the layout.

Step 8:
Add lengths of ribbon and your embellishments. I've added the epoxy stickers and a flower embellishment in a line at the bottom of the layout (right page) and a few at the top also. I've also added the butterfly in the smaller circle. Once you are happy with the placement of all the papers and embellishments you can finally stick everything down!

Step 9:
Add a title using the large alphabet stickers.

 Step 10:
Finish off by adding captions under each photo using the small alphabet stickers and handwrite some journaling to the left of the photos, under the circle embellishments.Also add a subtitle/date if desired.

Here is the finished layout:

Ta-dah! I hope you like this one. I'd love for you to join in and for me to be able to se what you have created so please link your layouts below.

Next week we're back to a single layout and here is what you will need:

Two sheets of plain cardstock plus some smaller pieces of plain in a couple more different colours
A full sheet of patterned paper - a small pattern would probably be best as this will be the background.
Two others patterned papers - I didn't have whole sheets so smaller pieces will work too
Washi Tape
Ribbons - a few different ones
Small Alphabet
A few embellishments - I have gone for a ticket, a few chipboard shapes and some leftover layered stickers I had in my stash, anything that goes with your papers really.

So you have a week to gather your supplies - see you next week!

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