Disaster Strikes!

Monday 20 August 2012

Morning Campers!
Today it is my turn to host a challenge over on UK Scrappers!

If you are looking for the 'Only Scraps Allowed' challenge that is usually here on a Monday, stop back tomorrow as I've delayed it by a day to make room for the UK Scrappers challenge.

I am proud to have recently been selected for a spot on the Fantastic Ribbons design team! I'm not exactly sure what is involved yet but I'm due to start pretty soon and I'm super excited to start playing around with different ways of using ribbon. This is going to be a challenge because I quite often just stick it down flat. Boring!  The first part of the challenge is therefore to use ribbon in a different way on your layouts - no just sticking flat. Try looping, tabs, rouching, making embellishments out of it, knotting it etc etc.

My husband and I have recently celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and the traditional gift is cotton. Therefore the second part of the challenge is to use sewing on your layout, either real (machine or hand) or if that's a bit daunting faux will do!

I'm considering starting a 'document' project. You can tell I don't really know much about it or what the proper name is (is it Document 2012 or Project Life? Are these different? If so what's the difference?) but whatever, I'm thinking of starting one to document the things I get up to month by month. I really like the idea of having a record of these sorts of things as I have a tendency to snap photos and end up not knowing the dates, or even the events that they are from. I think scrapping a 'document' project would help with this and would also give me a great way of looking back at particular times of my life. So the third part of this week's challenge is to scrap something that has happened within the last month. (also any advice or guidance about this topic would be greatly appreciated)

And finally, I have a 15 month old daughter, Sophie, who is at the age where she causes a trail of destruction wherever she goes i.e. pulling everything off the bookcase, taking all the tissues individually out of the tissue box, knocking drinks off the coffee table...you get the idea. Her favourite thing to do these days is to get to the post before me and tear it up as well as eat corners off of it (she won't willingly eat fruit or vegetable but paper, that's a different story!) So the final part of this week's challenge is to include tearing on your layout.

Here is my sample:

I got my sewing machine out for this one and sewed a border around the whole page.

Here's one of my ribbon tabs - stitched through with the sewing machine. I'd unfortunately got my needle all sticky going through washi tape and some double sided sticky tape under the ribbon so I had to try again, hence the wonky stitching and extra holes!

The story behind these photos is quite a long one and there are people who might see this layout but I wouldn't want them to read the journalling so I have made a couple of journalling tags and hidden them in a pocket formed by the photos. When they are in properly they just look like embellishments and a non-scrapper would never think to pull them out so I think I'm quite safe!

and here's my title and tearing to the right of it. I've included a few more ribbon tabs here (no accidents with the sewing machine this time) and finished off with a sub title down the bottom.

I based the layout on this month's Sarah's Cards sketch challenge - great sketch girls!
I hope you like my challenge and will join in - I can't wait to see what you all come up with xx


  1. Beuaitful page and a great challenge :) Love the colours you've used and I'm dying to know the story now lol!

  2. Great LO, looking forward to doing this challenge and like Julia I do want to know what's on the journalling tags!

  3. lovely sewing on this! Really love the little ribbon tags! Great layout!

  4. Lovely page Niki, I think the little sewing mishap adds to the effect.
    Tracy. x