Craft Room Re-vamp

Tuesday 28 August 2012

I've had a few days without huge amounts to do over the Bank Holiday weekend so I started by clearing out my loft which was a pretty big mission as there was LOADS of junk in there. My husband was very pleased with my efforts, little did he know though the reason I was doing that was so that my craft room could have a re-vamp with me moving a load of stuff into the loft...methinks he may have objected if he knew that was my primary intention but it was certainly a job that needed doing and I definitely did it well.

Moving onto my craft room, it was a bit of a nightmare. No where to put anything because it was full of stuff I rarely used but didn't know what else to do with and all the things I use regularly were in draws which were packed to bursting thus making those things quite inaccessible (or only accessible actually by moving a load of other stuff which usually ended up on the floor...)

These pictures are 'before' pictures although really they are more like 'during' as I had already started pulling stuff off my bookcase, shelves and out of draws:

 Now, take a look at this transformation!

Beautiful isn't it! I had to move furniture (and take everything off of it to do so), throw a lot of stuff out, pack other stuff up in boxes and I even had to do a bit of dusting (a very rare occurrence in my house, usually only worthy of friends or relatives visiting and then they don't visit my craft room really so what's the point?)
I'm making use of my shelves that were before just full of things I'd made which looked nice but didn't serve any practical purpose. Now they house my mists, glues, distress ink pads and ink tools, replacement foams (all of which were in a draw before - you know, one of those junk draws with everything in it and I could never find the colour foam I wanted), as well as stickers, die cuts, ribbons, flowers etc.

This is a very beautiful ribbon rack that my lovely Dad made, I haven't changed much on there but I thought it deserved a photo.

This is the part I am most proud of - I've brought in a new paper rack and all my 12x12 papers are organised by manufacturer, kits a the bottom and the two CD towers have been moved (dusted) and the stamps on them reorgansed. Those two tall shelves in the middle house my Thickers...
and now on to my bookshelves which did have an awful lot of magazines on them which are either now stored or disposed of (sob!) to make way for lots of yumminess: dies and clear stamps:
loose ribbons, chipboard shapes, ricrac, bakers twine, buttons, big shot
Copics, buttons, brads, gems, charms, eyelets, more marker pens, and more buttons

and finally a little pic of my adorable tiny tote which didn't get a makeover this weekend but did a couple of weeks ago so I think it deserves to go in there. I've got all my lush washi tape threaded through a ribbon that I can hook over my ruler in my tote so the washis can easily come with me when I go out crafting - the perfect solution!

One last look at my new and improved amazing craft room. In case you were wondering, that contraption on my desk is my video camera as I have now started making crafting videos that you will soon be able to find on here and youtube. I've not quite got to grips with crafting on camera but I'm getting better at it, now once I can master the editing software I'll be away so watch this space!

Thanks for looking and sorry for the epic amount of photos!


  1. Hi, your craft room looks fab - so tidy and organised!!! I really do need to do mine soon!! x

  2. I always love to peek at other people's rooms so thanks for sharing yours and well done on a mammoth sort out!

  3. Wow! What a transformation! Will you come round and help me do mine now please! Hugs, Lesley

  4. Wow Fabulous!! Can't wait to see it tomorrow - well done you - an epic feat! x