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Tuesday 14 August 2012

I've got the other two layouts from my August scrapbooking class to show today. For those who didn't read the first half of this post last week, we made four layouts in the class, one of which was a double, all of which featured photos from my photography class with Kirsty Wiseman.

In this one I was working on my 'Framed' shots i.e. trying to create a frame around my subject so that's Kirsty through a little archway on some railings and there are some ducks in the distance framed by the concrete posts on a bridge.


LOVE these Prima flowers - yummy!

In this one we were experimenting with shutterspeed. The first photo is of my class mate and the shutter speed was very fast meaning that I was able to capture my subject in freeze frame - no blurring at all.  The second photo was taken with a very slow shutterspeed meaning that the camera is able to capture movement - hence Kirsty shaking her head and going all blurry! Not exactly a conventional photo but there are some great effects you can get with a slow shutter speed so a good one to know!
This layout was fun to make due to all the little buts, not to mention washi tape which I am in love with at the moment!

Have a great day everyone!

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