Only Scraps Allowed...Spots & Stripes

Monday 15 October 2012

Morning, Morning

This week's Only Scraps Allowed Challenge challenges you to use both spots & stripes on your layout so a nice easy one this week! I had a photo that is one on it's own really that I've wanted to scrap for a while and the colours weren't all that inspiring but I did my best and pulled out everything that I thought would go.

I've used a spotty background paper and added a couple of different striped patterns on top. I just love using up my paper scraps, there's no worry about mixing manufacturers, or about using old or new supplies, I just reach into my scraps basket and pull out a few bits and usually they all seem to come together really well. I love that my scraps basket now actually gets some love, rather than just growing in size by the day.

My friend Gemma is certainly a reluctant auntie, you definitely couldn't describe her as a child fan that's for sure and I love this photo of her holding Sophie for the first time, looking a bit awkward and also a bit scared of her but it's great that now Gemma loves Sophie! I was a bit worried at the beginning that our friendship might change when Sophie arrived but I'm very pleased to say it hasn't and we're better friends than ever.

If you would like to join in this week then simply create a layout using your paper scraps (one whole sheet allowed for the background and add any embellishments you like), and make sure you incorporate spots & stripes into your layout. Add your link below.

Happy scrapping! xx

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