So that was Christmas...

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Back during December's Have I Got Scrap for You, I showed the foundation pages I'd made for my Christmas Journal. I was determined to actually complete a daily style journal this year because I'd been very unsuccessful at this in the past (and have a few barely started albums), but also because this Christmas was a special one - we were spending it in Florida.

I am pleased to say that, after several years of trying, I finally found a system that worked for me. I made all the foundation pages in advance of December. I left specific spaces for either photos or journaling. I then set myself a challenge of taking a photo per day. This was a bit challenging as I'm absolutely not used to doing that and I did forget on a couple of occasions but on the whole I managed it really well. Half way through December, I sat down with my PC and my photos so far and I worked out what photo to use each day. I saved them into a folder, did any editing that was needed (cropping portraits to landscapes and vice versa if necessary) and printed. I then stuck them in and did my journaling up until that point.

Then I didn't come back to it until January. My journal was planned up until 6th January because our Christmas was going to continue into the New Year because of when we got back from holiday, so after 6th December was finished, (well actually a couple of weeks later actually) I did exactly the same thing - worked out my photos, printed, stuck and journalled. 

I then spent some time going through all the pages (pockets) and adding additional embellishments and little titles. I was super pleased with the result:

Finally I had to think about my back page. I had originally thought that a large family photo would be good here but there was a problem with that theory for two reasons: 1. it is really difficult to actually get a decent family photo when you are generally the photographer and there are two very young children involved. and 2. even with one not-so-good family photo that I did get, it was impossible to work it so that the cuts wouldn't go through someone's face. D'oh! So I picked a generic photo of the beach, turned it black and white and printed it in 12x12.  I wanted a photo with some empty space so I could embellish it a little, but with hindsight, this photo had a little too much empty space! I'm happy with it though, it's a nice end to my album.

So a big thank you to all those who have read my Have I Got Scrap for YOU! class every month and to anyone who has participated. It is now finished but I have a new one starting in February called Team Project Life, which is (obviously!) about Project Life. You can find all the details on UK Scrappers.

Happy scrapping xx

PS a note to all those who haven't finished their December albums yet - put some time aside to do it, finishing it is very liberating! 


  1. Fab layouts you have been busy love the colour combinations

  2. WOW! What a lovely collection of photos and paper prettiness! Such a good looking family! And I couldn't help but spot those Perkins pancakes! Hugs, Lesley