Fantastic Ribbons: Wrapping

Monday 24 December 2012

We were given a task of 'Wrapping' for Fantastic Ribbons. I was going to jazz up some presents but thought I'd think outside the box a bit. My lounge centre-piece looked a bit bare and not very Christmassy at all and I've always hated those candlesticks that my mother-in-law bought us for our wedding so figured I could made them a bit prettier with some gorgeous Fantastic Ribbons ribbon:

Much better!

They turned out really well - I started by wrapping the stems with the blue ribbon and tied the ends in place, then added the large silver and gold bow at the top. Because the ribbon is wired it could be teased into any position, hence the perfect bows!

So instead of wrapped presents, I have wrapped candlesticks that I will be proud of every Christmas for may years to come!

Merry Christmas Everyone xxx


  1. Great idea Niki, never thought of wrapping something other than a present! Have a great Christmas!