52 Layouts #27 Father Christmas Has Been!

Friday 7 December 2012

Morning Scrappers

I've gone all festive for the first 52 Layouts of December with a double Christmas layout!

To join in this week you will need:
Two pieces of cardstock the same colour for the background
Another piece of cardstock
Two pieces of patterned paper
Large & small alphabet stickers (I actually used different ones to those pictured)
Flower embellishments
Sticky pearls (not pictured)
Four 6x4 portrait photos

Step 1
Choose the colour for your background and lay the two pieces side by side.

Step 2
Cut two strips of patterned paper 2.5x12" and stick them across the bottom of the layout

Step 3
Trim all your photos down to 4 x 5.75 and then mount the first two (from the left page) onto a piece of cardstock 6x8 1/8th but make sure the right photo is flush with the right edge of this piece of card. Do exactly the same for the other two photos and another piece of cardstock the same size, but make sure the left photo is flush with the left edge of this piece of card. Stick the photos to the layout making sure they meet perfectly in the middle.

Step 4
Cut two pieces of another patterned paper both to 2.5 x6" and stick these either side of the photos.

Step 5
Add a couple of pieces of trim.

Step 6
Add some flowers to the bottom two corners of the photos

Step 7
Cut some circles from the remaining patterned paper and stick these into the centres of the flowers as well as a few extras that can be stuck around the flowers.
Step 8
Add sticky pearls around the two flower clusters.

Step 9
Add a title using large & small alphabet stickers above the photos.

Step 10
Hand write in your journaling directly onto the cardstock underneath the far right photo and add a subtitle if desired using small alphabet stickers.

Here is the full layout all finished! Quite an easy one this week. You could make the background a bit more interesting by adding mist or alternatively using patterned paper instead of card.

Hope you like this one and feel free to play along and make the same layout!

Happy December scrappers!

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