Thanks to Frankie

Monday 24 February 2014

Just four days into our three week Florida holiday in December, Sophie had an accident on a bouncy castle. She had clearly hurt her foot but after a few minutes the crying had subsided and she was walking on it, albeit with a bit of a limp. It was definitely hurting her, was slightly swollen but not bruised so we assumed she had just twisted or maybe even sprained it. Five days, and a trip to Disney World later, she was still limping and walking on the edge of her foot so we decided we needed to get it looked at. It was x-rayed and a fracture in one of the metatarsal bones (the one from her big toe to her ankle) was discovered. I felt horribly guilty. She was given a foot brace rather than a plaster cast which we initially though was great because she could take it off to sleep in, and still have baths and go swimming. But the down side was that she was able to undo velcro, and take it off herself...

That afternoon was she was extremely miserable. She didn't want to wear the brace and didn't understand why we wouldn't let her take it off. She wouldn't walk on it, insisted on being carried everywhere and constantly cried or whined.

My mum has a friend, who lost her husband a couple of years ago. Not long after losing Frank, she got Frankie, the cutest dog I have ever laid eyes on. She is her 'emotional support dog.' We went to see Frankie that afternoon and she worked her emotional support magic on Sophie. Sophie loved Frankie, she squealed with delight, stroked her, cuddled her and started walking around after her. That was it, Sophie was back to her happy self and wasn't bothered by the foot brace for the rest of the holiday and it was all thanks to Frankie.

Last week's UK Scrappers challenge was to scrap about love or friendship. Sophie's loved Frankie to bits so even though this wasn't a traditional 'love' photo, I figured it fitted the criteria. The other parts of the challenge were to follow this sketch and to use red or pink.

I wanted the flag banner to be something a bit more than just strips of patterned paper, so I stitched most of them just to add a bit of interest and texture. I got creative with the circles across the middle of the layout by using up a load of my pre-made embelliehments.

Thanks to Frankie once again for saving our holiday and for being the perfect subject for my layout.

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