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Tuesday 11 February 2014

I go on the Scrapagogo retreat twice a year and it's so good that I really look forward to the next one the moment the last one has finished, so you can imagine how disappointed I was when I was unable to go on the March retreat because I was due to have a baby any day. Very bad planning on my part.

So while my crafting buddies were there enjoying themselves, I was the size of a whale and at home missing out on all the fun. I asked them to pick me up a few kits while they were there so that I didn't miss out too much though and these are some of the ones they got for me:

This one involved painting letters in white and then picking out a few to paint in blue and red to spell out the title. Love the little airmail stickers and postcard charm. I added the aeroplane paperclip from my stash.

This one was interesting: there was a picture of a gate in the kit and some acetate. I had to trace the gate onto the acetate using a silver pen. I don't have a silver pen so gave it a go with some silver paint which looked rubbish. Then I borrowed a silver pen, that obviously wasn't the right type because it wouldn't dry and also didn't look great and then finally someone else lent me their silver pen - the right kind this time! So third time lucky, my gates were sufficiently silver. I then had to cut them out and wrap ivy leaves around them and add on flowers. Even thought I probably wasted about 4-5 hours on this layout, I am very pleased with the result and glad I stuck at it!

This layout was very cool. Those white lines are made by wrapping a piece of string around a block several time, then the string 'stamp'is dipped in white paint and stamped onto the layout - awesome result!  The chevrons are also a home made stamp - the pattern was carved out of a piece of foamy stuff (hard though, not soft). I didn't do this, Kirei had already done it for me - thanks Kirei! The chipboard discs were supposed to be painted in a sage colour but I didn't have any sage paint so I used gold instead which went really well.

and finally I have this cute layout of Sophie meeting Princess Aurora. On the gogo weekend those roses were made by dipping celery (yes celery!) into paint and stamping the pattern onto paper. I'm afraid I didn't have the right paints and couldn't be bothered with celery at home so used an old Stampin Up stamp set called 'A Rose is a Rose' to achieve a similar (and probably much better!) result.

So even though it took me nearly a year to get these layouts done after missing the Gogo retreat last March, I'm very pleased that I have finally done these layouts - well done me! (Just a few more to go, watch this space!)

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  1. ooh some wonderful pages I love the string stamping technique and I am also in love with the tree of cake!