October Documented!

Thursday 7 November 2013

Hi Documenters

I've been busy working on my October Document layouts and this month I have even done a video for you!  Please feel free to watch although it isn't compulsory at all to do the layouts yourself - my written instructions are more accurate. Also I had some issues editing this video, bits of it are missing so use it as an aid rather than for definitive instructions!

Photos of the layouts, as usual, are below. Enjoy the video!

October Introduction layout: I
've used one 6x4" landscape photo.

This month's numbers:
The tiny cameras are cut from a manufacturing strip on one of the papers, notebook paper, a word window strip, large star, small label and three small stars - easy I promise!

This month's divided page protector consists of three 6x4 landscape pockets and six 3x4 portrait pockets. Sorry that this picture is a bit blurred.

A close up of some of the little pockets from this divided layout:

The reverse of divided layout 1, so the same number of pockets but they are the other way around (6x4s on the right this time).

a close up of some of the little layouts from Divided layout 2:

and finally this month's focus layout. I've used one 6x4 landscape photo and one small 2.5 x 2.75" landscape photo.

For those who are coming I will see you on Saturday 16th at about 9.45am.

Happy scrapping!

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