TEAM Project Life Prompt 2

Monday 17 March 2014

I am really loving Project Life. I'm having no toruble keeping up and I find my layouts don't take me too long to put together. I think it helps that I have limited my supplies - I'm sticking to a kit that I've put together and am using nothing else other than printables.

This month for TEAM Project Life on UK Scrappers we are looking at doodling on your photos/writing on your photos or embellishing over the top of your photos. I decided this month that every photo I encluded, I would print to fill the pocket i.e. a 6x4" photo would stay at 6x4" (instead of being trimmed down) and go inside a 6x4" pocket. I've then left certain pockets without photos so that there is plenty of space in those pockets for journaling and embellishing.

My week 5 layout looks particularly at doodling and embellishing over photos and there is a video to comliment this layout which can be viewed below.

Weeks 6, 7, and 8 carry these themes through:

 and so does Week 9 but this month we're also looking at getting something in your album done by somebody else or captured by somebody else. In my case I've done two things: my little girl stamped a journaling card for me (set up with the correct coloured ink pads obviously!) and I've also put in a word cloud/ word bubble done on I originally found this site because of a tutorial by JimJams, which can be found here.  There is also a video to compliment this layout which can be viewed below (skip to around the 10min mark for the scrapping to actually start.)

To view the TEAM Project Life PDFs, head on over to UK Scrappers to this thread HERE, where they can be downloaded. Enjoy the videos and the PDFs and please upload to the UKS gallery before the next prompt goes live to gain the extra 10 points for your team.

Happy scrapping x

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  1. yay for your great project life tutorials Niki! Great fun to see your creative process xxx